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Sophie at Shipley Park Storytelling Festival

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"To possess that charisma, that energy, that memory! Spellbinding ... a beautiful piece... Fantastic evening - wonderful!"

Amanda Bowman, BBC Radio Nottingham Libraries StoryFest, March 2010.



The tale of Blodeuwedd is one of the most romantic and dramatic segments of the Mabinogion, a Mediaeval Welsh epic, and one of our oldest written-down set of stories. First discovered within the folds of two 14th century manuscripts, the stories comprise a cycle of fascinating tales derived from ancient pre-Christian Celtic mythology.

A deliciously tantalizing snippet, at the heart of these stories is Blodeuwedd herself, conjured out of the magical incantations of a father whose own shame forces him into finding his son the wife forbidden him.

A strange concoction of Lady Macbeth meets Desperate Housewives meets mediaeval Camelot... a tale of innocence, curiosity, and earthly pleasure, leading to unearthly disaster. Is "love" a source of joy, pride and comfort, or just a twisted corruption?

Combined with other mediaeval tales from the British Isles, this is a show perfectly pitched with carefully honed language, echoing the oral bardic tradition of the courts of old England. A reminder that the people who lived then, shared all the same passions, frustrations, and aspirations of modern day times.

It comes as either 2 halves of 45 mins each, or a single set of one hour.

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"Wow! That was wonderful! It just got better
and better as it goes on!"

"Fabulous!" "Truely brilliant!"

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