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Sophie at Shipley Park Storytelling Festival

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re "Seven Deadly Sins"

"Thank you Sophie, exquisite storytelling, you made the whole experience
very magical, hope to
come to another."

"Fascinating - magical."


"Amazing! Never been before - well entertained - thanks!"

"Very enjoyable, mysterious, kept me intrigued - thanks a lot!"

"Fantastic evening, in a lovely venue.
Very enjoyable."

Audience Comments Book
performance, Donington Le Heath Manor House, June 2012.

Seven Deadly Sins storytelling for adults event

"To possess that charisma, that energy, that memory! Spellbinding ... a beautiful piece... Fantastic evening - wonderful!"

Amanda Bowman, BBC Radio Nottingham Libraries StoryFest, March 2010.

Seven Deadly Sins, Abbey Pub, Derby storytelling




"Bless me Father, for I have sinned!" Do you have anything to confess?"

A young girl hiding in the confessional overhears her neighbours' confessions - lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride - whispered revelations of sinning and secret desires. As she listens with growing unease, stories unfold that should never be told...

At turns dark and comic, this show offers twisting tales from the stones and bones of the British Isles - where the Devil watches in delight and angels weep... As each story unfolds, more of the seven deadly sins are divulged - in all their glorious, sometimes comic and even darkly gruesome colours. Until finally our heroine overhears one final devastating revelation - and the penny drops...

You'll be hooked from the start, through each twist and turn, as you try to guess where each story is finally heading. So be prepared for thrills and spills on this rollicking ride through the Seven Deadly Sins!

As a new piece, Seven Deadly Sins was taken to Buxton Festival Fringe 2010 where it was nominated for 2 awards under "Spoken Word" and "New Writing". After further development, the show has since been performed at various clubs and arts venues where it has proved popular, with sell-out audiences.

It comes as either 2 halves (45 + 55 mins) or a one hour set, based on the self-contained second half (allowing clubs to combine it with an open mic first half).

An interweaving on lesser known British folk tales, the first half is light and fun, the second half darker and more atmospheric, taking people on a storytelling journey from the more light-hearted and teasing, to a more involved and absorbing second half.

Feedback / Reviews

“I was delighted to programme Sophie Snell’s storytelling show ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ as part of our Third Stage small-scale series at the Theatre Royal Nottingham.  The show was a complete sell-out with tremendous feedback from the audience afterwards.  Sophie’s darkly comic and absorbing choice of stories made for a captivating evening.  I would strongly recommend Sophie for any venue that is seeking to programme a quality evening of storytelling.”

David Longford, Theatre Royal Nottingham, February 2014

"It is always a good sign when an hour speeds by, and storyteller Sophie Snell had the audience gripped from the outset. I was expecting some kind of plod through the seven deadly sins but instead Snell wove three disturbing British folk tales (all new to me) within a clever framing story...

"Snell has a way with words and is a very expressive performer who really knows how to tell a story and paint pictures in your head. Without spoiling the plot, I can tell you that certain images are indelibly printed on my consciousness... Viscerally thrilling as the show is... it is also intellectually satisfying with a near perfect overall structure and a neat twist at the end. Recommended."

Stephanie Billen, Chairman, Buxton Festival Fringe, July 2010

"To possess that charisma, that energy, that memory! Spellbinding and better than any film or TV... a beautiful piece... Fantastic Evening - wonderful!"

Amanda Bowman, BBC Radio Nottingham, re SDS at Nottingham StoryFest, March 2010

"Absolutely wonderful! Blown away!"

"Animated magic."


"Well worth the journey all the way from Spain to hear you!"

"A great evening - Sophie is a fantastic storyteller - dramatic, gripping stuff - mesmerizing."

"Very powerful and moving."

"So absorbing. I didn't know storytelling was like this."

“Delightful storytelling - great fun and hugely enjoyable - we didn't want it to end!"

"Disgustingly good. You made our imagination spark."

"Absolutely brilliant - more please! Vivid, intense and mesmerising - a wonderful performance."

Audience feedback for SDS, 2009 - 2013.

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"Wow! That was wonderful! It just got better
and better as it goes on!"

"Fabulous!" "Truely brilliant!"

Audience comments book 2009 - 2011

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