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Dragon Tales (Audio CD © 2008)
by Sophie Snell

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Dragon Tales is Sophie's latest collection of stories and poems - this time all about dragons.  Dragon Tales is read with vivacity and relish by the author herself.  It is aimed at primary school age children, but as with the other CD's we hope it will be equally enjoyed by older children and adults!  Do please let us know what you think!

Track 1   The Mystery of Dragons    Running time 5 mins.

A lyrical poem to dragons in all their forms - whether terrifying, mysterious or wise and wondrous - dragons are always fascinating...

Track 2   Sky Dragons    Running time 9 mins.

The beautiful fighting sky dragons - exquisitely colourful and decidedly mischievous - watching racing clouds or vibrant red sunsets will never be the same again after listening to this story!

Track 3   Dragon Mountain Part 1    Running time 10 mins.

Dragon Mountain is a 3 part adventure featuring David and his mission to complete a desperate task to save a loved one.  Filled with riddles, mystery and magic - you will be drawn in to the sparkling underground world of the Black Dragon, deep in the bowels of Dragon Mountain.

Track 4   Dragon Mountain Part 2    Running time 15 mins.

Track 5   Dragon Mountain Part 3    Running time 10 mins.

Track 6   My Pet Dragon    Running time 4 mins.

A cheeky poem to delight any child who's ever dreamt of an invisible friend (with a difference) and the fun, mischief and mayhem they get up to together!

Track 7   TallTree Forest    Running time 19 mins.

The hauntingly atmospheric legend of TallTree Forest.  Deliciously spooky, this is the tale of a lively Chinese girl, Lihua - bossy and vain - her latest boast gets her into truly hot water, when she takes up the challenge to hunt Ghost Dragons in TallTree Forest.

Total Running Time 72 minutes.

Dragon Tales, © Sophie Snell, 2008

Music has been added by kind permission of Horsewife - formerly known as Loon - these wonderful, wacky, theatrical and very talented musicians have created amazing music.  I first saw them in action through Live & Local - what a delight!  If you have never seen these guys live - do so - they are hugely entertaining and very creative!  Check out their website at

 Sophie explains her inspiration:

Dragon Tales was inspired by the amazing reception in schools that I got to The Dragon's Xmas and my story of the Bethlehem Dragon, when I read it out to children during pre-Christmas visits last year.  It became clear that dragons are a very popular theme for children - both girls and boys, and that there was a real appetite for original, linguistically interesting stories and poems about dragons.

"My middle son, Jamie, (who as I write is almost 7) particularly loves dragons and mythical monsters.  So we then had great fun devising stories and creatures together, invisible friends, mischievous monsters and fantasy landscapes - and somewhere out of all that, emerged this collection of stories and poems.  Scary, dramatic, funny and furious - dragons are never boring!"

£10 inc. UK delivery
£12 inc. worldwide delivery

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Dragon stories for children by Sophie Snell

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Feedback from buyers:

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"Very enjoyable, as was the previous story"

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"Another set of wonderful stories by a great storyteller! Thanks much!"

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"Beautiful stories! Excellent buy! Thank you, my boys love it!"


"Those gifted with storytelling weave an invisible web that draws the listener into the tale without you realizing what’s happening. Sophie Snell is one of those storytellers whose voice mesmerizes you while images form in your mind as the tale unfolds."

Cindy Vallar, reviewer - see

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