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The Pirate's Sister (Audio CD © 2006)
by Sophie Snell

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The Pirate's Sister is a compilation of pirate stories for children (and adults!) inspired by family visits to Cornwall and 3 young boys with a passion for all things "pirate". The Pirate's Sister is read by the author herself.      

Track 1   The Pirate's Sister    Running time 30 mins.

The Pirate's Sister is the tale of Sam, the fisherman and his family - the adventures and tragedy that befall them.  A mysterious seal woman, smugglers, slave-trading pirates, a great sacrifice, adventures on the high seas, revenge and grief.  Set on the jagged coastline of the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall, it is an evocative tale of love, loyalty and betrayal. Featuring the beautiful song, "Silver Waters" performed by Howdenjones.

Track 2   The Curse of Wicca Tree    Running time 15 mins.

The second story is The Curse of Wicca Tree.  Gillan Gwinear was the most wicked of pirates, who challenged God Himself.  The tale of how a brave priest uses his wits to wreak God's justice.

Total Running Time 45 minutes.

The Pirate's Sister, © Sophie Snell, 2006

Silver Waters, © howdenjones, 2001

Sophie explains her inspiration:

The Pirate’s Sister emerged from the striking coastal paths we walked on the Lizard Peninsula and watching our boys scrambling over rocks trying to spot seals and throwing pebbles from the beach.  Even in gusty, bitter winds and thick mist, Cornwall is a vibrant raw landscape that conjures up amazing images and myths. 

 “I was brought up in Aberdeen, on the North East coast of Scotland – with its significant fishing industry that went through tough times in the 70’s.  So visiting the coast, and Cornish harbours, strikes a chord for me.

 “I was shocked to discover a hidden slave trade taking villagers from the Cornish coast to the Mediterranean and North Africa.  Most people associate the slave trade the other direction – Africa to Europe and the Americas.

 “I also remember reading stories of selkies and kelpies.  The latter are mythical water spirits that in Scotland have a devilish reputation for appearing as animals out of the water.  Selkies manifest as seals transforming to people, sometimes falling in love with a human, sometimes helping or even tricking sailors in trouble. 

“All of this, the Cornish landscape and our boys playing in the pebble coves and rock pools, filtered through my mind as I came up with the story.”

Our thanks go to both the Natureland Seal Sanctuary at Skegness and the National Seal Sanctuary at Gweek in Cornwall, for their kind permission to use their seal photos on the cover of The Pirate's Sister.

seal sanctuary


£10 inc. UK delivery
£12 inc. worldwide delivery

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Kate Howden, Paul Jones and Sarah Cheffins - aka Howdenjones were performing at a Live & Local event at Muggington, Derbyshire when Sophie met them.  A contemporary acoustic music group from Glasson Dock village, Lancashire, their music is self-penned with lovely arrangements, breath-taking harmonies and sensitive, intriguing words and stories.  A truly beautiful sound.

Kate's song "Silver Waters" had an immediate impact on Sophie, who'd just completed The Pirate's Sister.  "It just sent shivers down my back!"  The words and melodies of the song are highly evocative and a perfect accompaniment for The Pirate's Sister.  Kate kindly agreed to its inclusion on the audio story CD and we hope you enjoy it.

If you are interested in finding out more about Howdenjones, follow this link:   


pirate stories for children kids by Sophie Snell

Contact Sophie:

Tel: 07796 296387



MP3 clips from The Pirate's Sister (click on title below to play):

"Sam's wife hides her children" - The Pirate's Sister(1:08)

"Silver Waters" - Music (1:36)

"Attacked!" - The Curse of Wicca Tree(1:09)



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"Those gifted with storytelling weave an invisible web that draws the listener into the tale without you realizing what’s happening. Sophie Snell is one of those storytellers whose voice mesmerizes you while images form in your mind as the tale unfolds."

Cindy Vallar, reviewer - see

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