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"Just thought I would let you know I took the story you told a group of teachers, me included... to our whole school assembly and got a spontaneous round of applause!! They loved it. It has led me to research oral storytelling... and put it into the day for my 4 year olds. Year 6 are also interested in setting up a storytelling club!! That story touched me in a way no other has before, and has fired up something inside me I never knew was there... now that's a Christmas present!!!"

Samantha Macdonald, teacher, (attended Northamption University teachers conference, Nov 2015)

We were very lucky to have Sophie working with the children at our school... Sophie was extremely professional throughout the entire project and her manner, with the children and staff alike, was enchanting. We have already booked Sophie to come back in the Autumn Term to work with children across the whole primary age group and look forward to reaping the benefits of her visits."

Catherine Llewellyn & Jill Edmonds, teachers, South Wilford Primary School, July 2011.


Storytelling is a wonderful medium for learning. The ability to listen, read a face, respond appropriately to body language, empathise, communicate clearly and effectively... will carry a child through school, the playground, home life, job interviews and career. The development of confidence and oral, listening and communication skills are key life skills.

Storytelling - the traditional spoken art of "telling" stories (as opposed to reading from a book or reciting from memory as an actor) is the perfect way to learn all this, in such an entertaining format, without even realising! The storyteller is performer, translator, interpreter, composer, structuralist, editor, poet and linguistic acrobat all in one (and sometimes songster and stand up comic!) - but primarily the conduit through which ancient, much-loved and well-worked stories continue to live on. Stories that enable the listeners to role-play emotions, situations, and alternate responses in a safe, comfortable and engaging mental place.

You don't need to be academically gifted or brilliant at writing and spelling either - it suits all ability levels and personalities. It's about listening, getting caught up in the story, speaking, finding the words to express not only the tale itself but the emotions of the characters, the situations; standing up, having a go, voice, volume, being heard - confidence! And the vital developmental skills of reading and responding to the person in front of you.

The literacy goals of listening, reading and writing are all clearly linked to this, but there is so much more to gain too that will contribute to other areas of the curriculum - the skills of visualisation, memory play, concentration and attention-span development, creative thinking, making connections between one idea and response to another, swapping perspectives, seeing the bigger picture, the mirror image, alternative scenarios - these are skills that aid the young mind to grasp new ideas, study and learn more effectively - and enjoyably.

Perhaps you are looking for a day of stories, to inspire and excite, or a combination of performances and workshops to explore deeper all that the skills of oral storytelling have to offer. Sophie's visits are carefully planned with all this in mind, but most of all she aims to leave a class energised and inspired.

For specific details, please click on the following pages:

School Performances - for further information about story days, shows and perforamances.

School Workshops - for further information about classroom workshops, projects and CPD / staff training.

Sophie has worked and presented in a wide range of education settings - primary and secondary schools (both state and private), pre-schools and private nurserys, teacher conferences, colleges and universities. She also brings all her experience in training and management from her previous life as a finance professional - rising to director level at several large corporations (see Biography), before taking a career break to raise her family of three growing boys, and pursuing her love of writing and storytelling.

"What a wise decision to book Sophie Snell to work in the nine primary schools in
this Education Improvement Partnership!! The children were totally captivated by
this gifted storyteller and still relate in great detail the stories they were told...

And then Sophie ran a teacher workshop after school and captivated the adults
in an entertaining and educational session. No wonder several headteachers
intend inviting her back. Highly recommended without reservation!"

Mike Deegan, EiP Director, Little Hulton Education Improvement Programme, Manchester, May 2012.

"I would highly recommend Sophie to educate and entertain people of all ages."

Colm McAteer, CineMagic, Belfast, 2010.



National Storytelling Week
1st - 7th February 2016

World Book Day
Thurs 3rd March 2016



"I thought Wednesday was just magical, 
one of the best days ever at Lawn.
Hands down. I've never seen the children
so well behaved and engaged like that.
Amazing.  It was mesmerising watching
and listening to you...

"Needless to say that
we will be contacting you again before the
end of this academic year to book you in
for a story day for KS2.  I just think there's
so much value in this kind of storytelling day."

Susannah Cousins, Teacher
Lawn Primary School, Derby, January 2014


Year 6 Thank-you letter, after return visit to Dry Sandford Primary School, 2011

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